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Review on Micro-nano Aluminum Oxidation Kinetics

1.Institute of Chemical Materials, CAEP, Mianyang 621999, China;2.School of Materials and Engineering, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang 621010, China

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    The oxidation reaction of micro and nano aluminum powder is an important way of energy release and aging inactivation. Molecular dynamics and reaction kinetics provide necessary means for elucidating the microscopic mechanism of oxidation reaction of aluminum powder and quantitatively describing the oxidation process. According to the type of reaction system, the oxidation of aluminum powder can be divided into aluminum-oxygen (Al-O2), aluminum-water (Al-H2O) and aluminum-other oxides (Al-other oxides) reaction systems. The recent progress of molecular dynamics and reaction kinetics in the above reaction systems is reviewed. The mechanism of oxidation kinetics of aluminum powder and its key influencing factors, including the oxide layer, particle size, atomic diffusion rate, temperature and oxygen concentration, were discussed, which proved the flexibility and effectiveness of molecular dynamics and reaction kinetics. On this basis, the important problems in different oxidation reaction systems were analyzed and prospected. It is pointed out that the oxidation kinetics of aluminum powder under multiple factors, the kinetics of Al-water vapor reaction, and the intrinsic mechanism of Al-other oxides reaction are the key problems to be solved in the future.

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WANG Jing-kai, CHEN Jie, SUI He-liang, et al. Review on Micro-nano Aluminum Oxidation Kinetics[J]. Chinese Journal of Energetic Materials,2021,29(3):251-266.

  • Received:June 18,2020
  • Revised:December 27,2020
  • Adopted:October 14,2020
  • Online: December 24,2020
  • Published: March 25,2021