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Effect of Sugar Particles on Non-Shock Ignition of Two Kinds of Single Compounds HMX and RDX

State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China

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    To study the effect of inert sugar particles on the non-shock ignition mechanism of two kinds of single compounds octogen(HMX) and hexogen(RDX), the processes of undergoing the crushing, melting, sputtering, igniting and combustion of HMX and RDX single compound containing inert particles were captured by a drop weight impact device equipped with anoptical observation system. Results show that the ignition is easy to occur around the sugar particle in the cases of HMX fine particle and RDX powder containing sugar. The combustion will propagate outward along the periphery of the sugar particle, and intense sputtering phenomena occur before the combustion reaction. In the HMX particle with sugar, the ignition occurs in the solid phase. In the RDX powder explosive with sugar, the explosive near the sugar particle enters into the melting state firstly, then the melting region expands gradually, and the ignition points are easy to appear in the molten liquid phase of RDX at the edge of the sugar particle. The ignition frequency of HMX and RDX with one or three sugar particles respectively was compared. Results show that the cases of three sugar particles are more likely to cause the ignition of explosives, because the more fragments are produced after crushing, which interact strongly with HMX or RDX single compound, and may lead the hot spots to form in multiple locations, and the combustion reaction will be more intense than that of the cases of single sugar particle.Finally, the upper and lower limit analysis shows that the addition of sugar particles can inhibit the ignition of HMX fine particles and promote the ignition of RDX powder explosive.

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ZHANG Zhao, WU Yan-qing. Effect of Sugar Particles on Non-Shock Ignition of Two Kinds of Single Compounds HMX and RDX[J]. Chinese Journal of Energetic Materials,2019,27(10):805-811.

  • Received:December 24,2018
  • Revised:March 28,2019
  • Adopted:January 21,2019
  • Online: March 25,2019
  • Published: October 25,2019